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Pastor Elder

Dan Doty

Pastor Elder

Alvin Colston

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Alvin has served in pastoral ministry in various capacities since 2009.

Both Alvin and his wife Jenny have bachelors degrees in Christian Ministry from The Master’s University. Jenny is in the last phase of certification as a Biblical Counselor with ACBC. Alvin has done graduate work at The Master’s Seminary and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
in Kansas City and is currently working on a Masters degree in Biblical Counseling. He and Jenny have been married since 1998, they have 3 adult children and one grandchild.

Alvin has a love for discipleship, evangelism, and leading short-term mission trips. His passion for preaching and church leadership led him to answer the call to shepherd North Lake Church in May of 2021. Alvin began leading NLC in revitalization. In 2023 NLC began partnering with the members of Emmanuel Bible church to minister to our community in Smithville.  

In January of 2024, the Lord led our two congregations to merge into one new congregation called 
Smithville Bible Church.  We're committed to reaching our community here in Smithville and the Northland and are grateful for being brighter together for the advancement of the Kingdom and the glory of Christ.


You can contact Alvin at

Dan Doty.jpeg

Dan is an ordained minister and has been in ministry for nearly 50 years. He graduated from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Calvary University in Kansas City, and Capital Bible Seminary near Washington DC. He retired from City Union Mission in 2020 after serving there for 42 years - the last 28 years as CEO. Dan has been married to his wife Vannie almost 48 years. They have 4 children who are all married and they have 6 grandchildren. They also have 2 horses.


You can contact Dan at

Elder in Training/Treasurer

Phil White

Pastoral Intern

Daniel Nixon

Daniel Nixon 2.jpeg

Daniel has been serving in music ministry since 2018. In the fall of 2022, God called him to Kansas City to attend Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary so that he could be better equipped to lead in church ministry. After Daniel heard the strong expository preaching at North Lake Church, he decided to become a member, and has been serving with the North Lake Church worship team. 


Daniel met his wife Kennedy at MBTS. They are both currently working on their bachelor degrees in music ministry. Daniel and Kennedy have a passion for leading God’s people in worship with music that is theologically sound, and music that encourages congregational participation. Daniel desires to encourage the church to have a culture of worship that goes beyond our corporate gatherings. They are expecting their first child in Feburary 2024.

You can contact Daniel at

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You can contact Phil at

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You can contact Dallas at

Dallas Shipley

Elder in Training

Ken Piotrowski.png

You can contact Ken at

Ken Piotrowski

Facilities Manager

Veronika Boos.png

Administrative Manager

Veronika Boos

Veronika has worked in operations and technical project management since 2001, helping organizations with implementation and management of new systems that improve efficiency, reliability and user-friendliness. She loves being able to help provide peace of mind to organizational leaders and their teams, and bridge the gap in resources and business knowledge that often exists in startups and small non-profits.

Veronika and her husband Michael have been living in Kansas City since 2017 and Smithville since 2023.  Veronika homeschools their three kids -12, 11 and 9 years old.

You can contact Veronika at

Elder in-training program

Pray for our Elders-in-training, as they are in a season of study seeking to ensure that all current and future elders meet the Biblical qualifications laid out in the Scriptures. This will be a challenging time for the men to have their lives and gifting evaluated to ensure we are within the Lord's revealed will for leadership. The Bible presents, "elder" and "pastor" as synonymous terms. We want to benefit from pastoral-shepherding-elders who are, teaching, counseling and providing spiritual oversight and discipleship to our congregation.

In addition to the Bible, we will be using resources from as well as Alexander Strauch's classic work on Biblical Eldership.

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