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Outreach & Missions

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The core of our outreach happens by connecting with our friends & neighbors to share the love Christ.
This can come through a simple invitation to a service or event.
Genuine outreach seeks to build friendships, bare burdens, meet

needs and have gospel



Share a digital invite card to the
right by
clicking here, or by

picking up physical cards at church!

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Biblical Counseling

Smithville Bible Church as a formal ministry of the church promotes Biblical Counseling. Watch the video for a description that articulates the difference between Christian Counseling and Biblical Counseling.


Learn more at

For more information, email us at

Care Portal

CarePortal is an online platform that brings the needs of hurting children and families

in your community to your attention.


Caseworkers uncover the needs. CarePortal makes local churches and community members aware, giving them

a real-time opportunity to respond.

Join here to receive notifications about needs in your area!


One of the values of Smithville Bible Church is doing and supporting mission work to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ wherever we are given an opportunity.


A list of our current missions endeavors

can be found hereMore details about each will be available soon.

For more information or to support these missions, email us at

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